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I am a portrait and wedding photographer based in Boulder County Colorado, available for travel worldwide.

picnics. flip-flops.listening to loud music in the car.playing cards. laughing. warm clothes straight out of the dryer. staying up late & sleeping in.  anything in a nicely designed package. eating cotton candy in the summer. snowboarding. hazelnut hot chocolate with homemade whip cream. bags. good friends. anything red. typography. dancing in the kitchen with my boys. 5K races.  salads at Cafe Rio. modern art. medieval art. post-impressionist art. roman art. (okay fine…art.) experiencing a city (European ones especially!) for the first time. bacio gelato.  fuzzy socks. laughing at ridiculous late-night infomercials. road trips. HGTV. fresh roasted salsa.


fake cheese (kraft singles). mean people. hiccups. when photoshop freezes. mayo. spam in my inbox. not having enough time. shoulder pads. jumping in the pool and getting water up my nose. trying on pants that are too tight.  when my vacuum cleaner breaks–again.  spending money on a new vacuum cleaner. people who honk when I’m running. misplacing anything.  when my kids scream.  thinking I found a GREAT parking spot, only to drive a bit closer and discover that a small car is actually there. when my one three-year old eats a lollipop and walks around wiping his sticky hands on me/the couch/the wall. people who don’t turn left when the light turns yellow. discovering long-forgotten (and super rotten gross) food in the fridge. settling down to watch Law & Order, only to discover its an episode we’ve already seen.

Photo credit: Jim Wilson (my awesome husband)