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The First Six Months | Lucy

Once a week, on the same day of the week that she was born, I take a photo of Lucy on the faux sheepskin rug in her room (and I’ll admit, when I bought that furry rug, I was definitely using the “photographer” side of my brain and not the “practical-mom-who-knows-better” side of my brain).  :) The first few months it was easy to get her full body in the shot.  These days I find myself standing on my tippy toes, barely able to capture from her head to her toes if she is all stretched out.

Now that she’s hit six months I love lining these photos up to see the growth and change:


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Lovely Lucy | 5 Months

There’s hardly anything I enjoy photographing more than a baby right around the time they hit a half year.  Lucky me, that’s exactly who I get to hang out with every day. My lovely Lucy at five months:

lucy5months1.1lucy5months1lucy5months2.2lucy5months2Nom. nom. Nothing more delicious than baby toes:lucy5months3She might not realize it yet, but she kind-of lucked out with the two best-ever big brothers (who let her pull their hair and bite their fingers whenever she feels the need, which seems to be quite often these days):lucy5months4lucy5months5lucy5months6lucy5months7lucy5months8Nom. nom. Those two fingers are obviously pretty delicious too.lucy5months9lucy5months10



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Lucy | Photos from the iPhone

In a little over a month I’ve filled my iPhone with over 700 photos, mostly of Lucy, who–lucky for me–is too young to object to being photographed 25+ times a day.  :) Here are just a few of my favorites from the last month:
sleeping_lucySleeping baby–I’m not sure I know of anything more beautiful.

lucy9She hasn’t yet figured out how to suck her thumb, but she loves to chew on her fingers.lucy10


Hanging out with big brother:

I love her irritated little expression in the bottom left photo…”Really? You just buckled me into my car-seat and you have to take a photo…? Again?”  Luckily she can’t put that irritation into words yet, so I’m going to enjoy snap-snap-snapping away as long as I can. :)lucy9


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