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Baby’s First Year | Bradley

Over the last twelve months I’ve had the wonderful privilege of photographing Bradley’s first year.  I LOVE shooting baby’s first year sessions–perhaps because I know how quickly they grow and change, and how the photographs from these stages that come and go so rapidly are such a treasure.

Here are a few of my favorite images of sweet Bradley, captured at one week, six months, and one year:


Back for more at six months:
Oh, how I ADORE the personality of a six-month-old:denver_baby_photography_sixmonths2denver_baby_photography_sixmonths7denver_baby_photography_sixmonths8denver_baby_photography_sixmonths9

And finally, this last week I again met up with Bradley and his parents to capture him at the one year milestone:denver_baby_photography_oneyear1denver_baby_photography_oneyear2denver_baby_photography_oneyear3denver_baby_photography_oneyear4denver_baby_photography_oneyear5Bradley wasn’t too crazy about the feel of grass on his bare feet, as you might be able to tell here as he tries hard to keep his feet from hitting the ground.  So adorable:denver_baby_photography_oneyear6denver_baby_photography_oneyear7denver_baby_photography_oneyear8And finally. . . time for the cake smash:denver_baby_photography_oneyear9denver_baby_photography_oneyear10denver_baby_photography_oneyear11denver_baby_photography_oneyear12

Happy birthday Bradley! :)

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Lucy. 8 Weeks.

Oooooh, I love this girl so much.  Cutest, smartest, sweetest little thing ever. :)  And–wow–did I luck out with a rock-star of a sleeper–lots of 8pm-5am nights over the last few weeks. THANK YOU LUCY!

Here she is at 8 weeks:



And, since I know it’s hard not to be curious…

The mark on her forehead and scalp is called a nevus.  If you want to know more about it, you can read more here, which is where I’ve learned most of what I know.

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