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For Photographers | FAQs

I get a lot of the same questions from photographers/aspiring photographers so I decided to put the answers all in one spot.  Here they are!

What camera/lens do you use?

Camera Bodies:

Canon 5D & Canon 5D Mark II


16-35mm 2.8L

24-70mm 2.8L

70-200mm 2.8L

24mm 1.4L

35mm 1.4L

45mm 2.8 TS

50mm 1.2L

85mm 1.8

100mm macro


A bunch of 580EX II’s

Where do you buy your camera gear?

I buy almost all of my equipment from B&H. They have the best prices and excellent customer service!  All of my equipment listed above is linked to the B&H site (and if you use the links to purchase your equipment from B&H I get some love from them!)

I’m thinking about becoming a photographer and investing in professional equipment. Should I go with Canon or Nikon?

I am a happy Canon girl, but I know lots of happy Nikon shooters. Both are good systems.  Canon image color and variety of AMAZING lenses are what make me jump for joy, but Nikon cameras have less focusing issues (so I’ve heard).

What lens should I get?

Eeks!  That’s a tough question! My personal favorites are my primes, but starting with a zoom lens (24-70mm was one of my first lenses) might be a good place to start as a good quality, practical, versatile lens.  If you’re going to shoot primes get ready to change lenses frequently—so you may want to invest in the shootsac lens bag.  I love mine!

Should I get backup equipment?

Definitely!  That’s all I have to say about that!

Where did you study photography?

I studied Art (at BYU) with an emphasis in graphic design and then got a master’s degree in Art History.  I only took one photography class as part of my undergraduate degree, so my technical knowledge of photography after college was fairly basic.  When I decided I wanted to become a photographer I signed up for a photography class at my local community college, practiced, read lots of photography & photoshop books, attended photography workshops and conferences, practiced, studied other photographers’ work, worked with local photographers, spent LOTS of time reading information on forums and blogs, practiced, practiced and practiced some more.

Who did your website/blog?

My website is a customizable wordpress theme from NetRivet (ProPhoto blog).  If you’re interested in buying the ProPhoto blog theme you can use this coupon code to get $10 off:


Do you teach a workshop?

Currently, no workshops, but if you’re interested in doing a half-day, full-day, or multi-day one-on-one tutoring session, send me an email for more info on rates/details.

Can I work/intern/second shoot/third shoot for you & Jim?

Feel free to send me your resume and a link to your portfolio.  Though at the moment Jim and I have things covered, I’m happy to keep your information on file and will contact you if the need for an intern/third shooter arises.  Please send resumes/portfolio links to:

jobs [at] angiewilsonphotography [dot] com

Do you recommend getting insurance/through which company?

Yes. My policy is through Hill & Usher.

I’m a photographer too! Do you want to meet for coffee sometime?

I’m not a coffee drinker (!) but I’d love to grab some hot chocolate with you if there’s time in my schedule!

Do you have any advice?

Yes. Go to UNOs and try the deep dish spinoccoli. yum.


Practice, practice, and practice some more.  You can learn a lot from books, forums, blogs, webinars, etc., but you’ll REALLY start to figure things out when you get out and use your camera.

Analyze your photos/sessions and keep a journal where you keep a record of what you learn each time you shoot. I know I learn something nearly every time I shoot a session/wedding/pictures of my kids and it’s nice to have it recorded all in one place!